Monday, 27 July 2015

At the icecream shop

There is one little icecream shop in my hometown.
My hometown is a busy town , though it has the tag of a city. Now years ago , when my sister and I were in school , we used to go to this big shopping center . Mom and Dad would go to the super market and we to the icecream shop. At that age, when sundaes were not the norm , they had brilliant flavors and mixes. Pineapple passion which is tall glasses of pineapple and vanilla icecreams with the occasional sweet and tart syrup and loads of pineapple or the Orange Temptation with vanilla and orange icecreams and sugary orange pulp . Even though I have my salted caramel and honey nut favorites now , this icecream shop and their icecreams are still a favorite.

So now I am all set to move to the US , I have this sharp pain that hits me when I think about leaving mom here. She is composed, she speaks about being happy for me , she does not show the slightest hint of pain.

Today I wanted to go to the quaint little icecream shop with her . She being her normal self, complained that it was time for lunch , complained about the weather and what not. But I could tell she was happy , very much ..

Now the catch is that the little boy cannot have icecream, he was (or maybe still is ) allergic to milk and I do not want to take chances. But he never asks for it , he doesnt seem to miss it . Mom thought it wasnt right for us to go with him in tow , she thought it was cruel . I bought some goodies from my favorite bakers down the street and he gobbled his share in the icecream shop.

We had our favorite icecreams , It has changed. My icecream was too frozen , and they had smaller glasses . and changed the brand of icrecream too. But it didnt matter to me.

While we were enjoying my son finished his "baked goodies" and made a sulky face. Without thinking I gave him my phone and told him he could play subway surfer. Sulk gave way to a broad grin and he told me : "I knew it , whenever I appear to be sad you give me the phone"  I realized I am doing it wrong but didnt care . 

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