Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The mad rush ..

So the husband went on a vacation to India all by himself for a month. Many ask me how I manage . It makes me think I am odd but I love the space and distance once in a while (or maybe more) . I wonder if they think that we are going through a rough patch . No, we are not. We are two individuals and we love our "me" times to do what we like to do. 

Now things are not as good as I thought it will be. Coz the little one has school and all those extra activities that we send him to. To add to it , Murphy came round the corner . He has to. My work went into a crazy pitch since the husband left and I am struggling to balance it along with managing the kiddo , his food, school etc etc. But even then I am not complaining , I am still liking it. 

The silver lining in the cloud : 

The little boy and I went to the museum in New York that we always wanted to. The husband keeps putting it off coz I think the word museum scares him or bores him . 

We ate out quite a bit and ended up a few pounds heavier and super guilty too.  We tried out places and cuisines that we wanted to but was sure the husband will not like.

We read lots of books. Now that he reads by himself I get more time to read for myself. We went to the library quite a lot and as per the routine we had icecream from the local home run dairy after every library visit. 

The cons:

To fit all the things we wanted to , I had to stretch myself and push my work to the midnight hours. Sometimes it left me rushing to catch my breath ...

I have zillion other things to get done before he is back and I have no idea how. Enjoying the moment for now ...

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