Thursday, 8 January 2015

Day One - A simple day

Day One:
I have been wanting to write a post a day , for a long time now.
Starting on it today.

I have been feeling very stressed out and awful since a couple of months. I guess , the uncertainity on the work front , the need to move from here etc is adding a lot to it. I have been working from home since I returned back to India a couple of months ago. One of my good friends commented on my weight gain yesterday . She suggested that I come to office once in a while for a change in routine. So today , I went to office after long for a couple of hours. It was good to see the energetic  juniors and listen to their  silly talks.

S went to Hyderabad yesterday for another official trip. I feel guilty, beacuse I kind of felt a little relieved. When it is just me and the little one , there is less work on the cooking front . S makes me nervous in the kitchen. He thinks that he is less maintenance . To me , he judges me based on what I do.  So I try to cook and clean more when he is around to impress him or to avoid complaints or is it to prove myself. Once he realized it and gave me an earful. Still I do it. I guess it has to do with the early days , soon after our marriage when he always blamed me for what I didn’t do.

I baked a chocolate cake for Pran yesterday. The recipe called for Baking soda , I didn’t want to add it coz of Pran’s allergies. I added baking powder but the cake didn’t rise enough. But it tastes good. Fudge like. I am happy , Pran is too. 

I hope to re-plant the tomato saplings today. A while ago , we have a few tomato plants that gave us loads of tomato's. Fingers crossed on this batch too.

The post makes me realize that the day is not bad and maybe I am getting stressed for no reason at all. 

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