Wednesday, 14 January 2015

To be happy...

Yesterday one of S ‘s colleagues passed away. He was around 32 years of age , or so I think.
I cant stop thinking of it. He experienced some discomfort when he woke up and thought it was a bad stomach. When it got bad , his wife took him to the hospital which was just a few blocks away. He breathed his last before reaching the hospital. He has a cute 1 year old daughter . I could not imagine what his wife went through , they do not have family here and she and the little girl was alone till friends and family joined them a couple of hours later.

It made me want to be a better person. Even S. We were discussing later how we choose to be grumpy and irritating all the time. Why cant we live life to the fullest for now?  In a dramatic way that only girls can be , I was thinking of writing letters to my son . Kind of like a letter for each year, in case something happens to me too…

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