Sunday, 23 March 2014

Why do you always crib and Cry.

Perspective - I ve been attributing my oddness to  perspective since late.

The others here with me, lets call them 5G for 5 guys.

Well the 5G , they brood all the time. The cry out loud... ooh we have 'x' more months left here in this wretched land. Well to me , this place is wonderful, thats another story ...

I asked one of them yesday - why cant you see the positive side of it. Nobody forced you to come here. You were given the choice. Then why fret.

They didnt eat me alive, but they kind of did. They said my Husband and son are joining me soon ,  so I can be happy and fine. They are missing their families.
I didnt reply . Bcoz I am already the alien - well now from some planet near the earth. I didnt want to be chucked out from there .

My point is :
They were given the choice , they were not forced to work from onsite. They were given an opportunity which they readily accepted.
You get exposure on the work front here which you do not get there , at least where I work. There , I am the senior , here I am the baby and I am learning so much from the way the others work, both technically and other aspects too.
You also do have the choice to bring your family. You do not coz it does not allow you to save as much as dollars as you want to. That is not my problem.
You could learn the culture , the way of life in this place , at least the way people follow rules , the way people greet each other etc.
They complain about food . You can buy anything everything here. But that means you have to shell a few of those precious dollars . I do that , U dont. Not my problem. I am saving less, u more.
You are making money. Me, with my lavish lifestyle (according to u) , is still saving enough .  You must be saving lots and lots .

When you were given the choice, you must have weighed the positives and negatives in your mind . And then decided to grab this opportunity coz the positives outweighed the negatives.

Then why crib and cry all the time ?
I have a feeling that a lot of my fellow Indians , or is it just Mallus , feel that they ought not show that they are happy.
Evil Eye?

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