Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The miserable and lonely weekend

Pran is back home , I am kind of worried. I know I shouldnt be. But I am here in the Americas , it was better when he was at Mumbai with sis. There, he was totally occupied with the little gal and their fights and games . I hope he does not miss me . I will not be able to bear it if he cries for me. 

I ve never had a sleeping problem, well I cannot wake up early.. but that doesnt count. 
Of late , I cannot sleep. I go to bed exhausted and tired, but keep tossing and turning in the bed. 

I think it ought to be an effect of the depression that s slowly making its way to conquer me.

I loved the solitude, wanted to do stuff that I cannot do back in India. Travel alone, cook my kind of food, read and read and read.. 
But the weekend was miserable, I have so much of work thats pending that I could not roam around to my hearts content. 
I was stuck in this hotel room with not a soul to talk to. Thats also ok.
But whenever I get out of the room I see those 5G , my male colleagues, standing there in the corridor having fun . The cold stare makes me depressed. I dont know if I am imagining it. But why dont they even talk to me then? I used to initiate the conversation earlier but since they dont make an effort I stopped it too. 
Well I am planning to get this backlog done and get moving on the weekends.

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