Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Too much TV

From the time Lil Boy was concieved , my MIL had dreams of raising him up .
Sounds good ? Well, not to me .

Till then I lived in another town and we would visit each other in say every two weeks. It worked very well and we respected each other .

But after I was pregnant , she wanted to be around more and would bring the SIL and her kid along to our small apartment for weeks together. I wanted my space and would wait for them to return to their homes.

The SIL is not employed and was very dependent on MIL. She expected that since I was working I would be more dependent. But I was and is fiercely independent. It continues to even now.. Lil P is around 4 years.. But we hardly have time just for ourselves coz MIL always wants to be around.

But that was not why I started this post. Well, I am happy when my mom is around. Reason being... she engages Lil P so well. She keeps him busy... makes him run around and he is hungry.. and sleepy by bedtime.
With MIL, she always wants to sleep whatever be the time of the day. So she tells P that  he is a sick boy  (he is not) and shouldnt run around much.. she puts on the TV and makes him sit there for hours.

I have been giving hints coz I do not want to appear rude.. but now its getting on my skin.

We decided to leave him at his playschool till evening... and pick him up on the way from work. So far its working good.

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