Thursday, 11 July 2013

The brownie trail

I am back to the baking world after a long hiatus.

The only regret I have - I had not documented any of the recipes I used earlier.

Those days , I used a round oven , which worked so wonderfully well, and referred to a few blogs and cookbooks.

Now that there are so many cookbooks and so many blogs that I follow , I have no clue about  the recipes I used earlier.

The cooking range arrive a couple of months ago and my baking experiments have started.

There lies the problem, I used to bake very good tasty stuff earlier but the second innings have not been took good.
The others like it , but I find faults with it. For few days now I have been trying to bake a brownie that I have always dreamt of. The brownie turns out to be good .. but not perfect... not the way I want it. I tried the cocoa brownie from a blog , its a great recipe.. very easy and quick. It works great for the fact that I can bake it when the boy is watching a tom and jerry episode. Just have to mix the things and bake. It tastes good too.. but I miss something in it. Or maybe I am baking it too much.

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